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Are you looking for help with project management? You’ve come to the right place. We work with and train, individuals and organizations, to improve their project management capabilities. With offices in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and India, we help local businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations around the globe.

Accredited with prestigious REP status by PMI, Truesolutions PMP® training course aims to build competent, compassionate and inspiring leaders. Interact with stalwarts from the industry and distinguished faculties, who have taught and consulted across the world. Participate in learning models designed for your level of experience, and be equipped to deal with complex global challenges.

Our focus is empowerment. Transferring the benefits of our knowledge and experience to you as quickly as possible so you can manage your project management system. You’ll find our technical staff our consultants and our trainers both skilled and experienced in project management methodology, in business analysis and in the technology needed to fully implement an enterprise project management and enterprise timesheet solution.

All the components of our Learning Services offerings are modular and so working with our Learning Consultants, our customers can select the support they need down to a granular level. This gives them the flexibility to either use small pieces of our expertise to complement their existing internal skills within the Learning and Development department or to outsource all of their requirements to Truesolutions as a Managed Training Service.

Recruitment Process outsourcing

The business environment is changing dynamically and staying competitive is one of the most fundamental business requirements. The modest improvements in the business are no more sufficient to remain leader in the business. One of the key areas to stay lean and mean is to reduce recruitment cost which can be achieved in the tune of 30 – 40%.

To achieve this goal, at Truesolutions we have developed Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Model. In this model, either part or most of the recruitment activities are outsourced to a recruitment services company like Truesolutions. Truesolutions will facilitate the recruitment by providing skilled resources, tools, technologies, etc and would virtually function as its customer’s “recruitment department”. Truesolutions team would be responsible for end-to-end recruitment, right from gathering requirements upto joining of the candidate.

In another RPO model, a dedicated team of recruiters will be deployed at customer’s site and Truesolutions offices to work on the requirement. This team would follow the customer’s existing recruitment process or adopt Truesolutions proven recruitment methodologies to suit customer’s needs. Truesolutions provides necessary MIS reports from time to time that helps its customer to monitor the proceedings.

During the course each student will receive:

  • Lecture Based Training for PMP®
  • Training Course Materials (Handouts) aligned to PMBOK 4th Ed. (Project Management Book of Knowledge)
  • PMBOK 4th Ed. (Soft Copy)
  • At the end of training, student will be eligible for 36 Hours worth of PDUs
  • Complete understanding of PMP certification procedure and Handholding/Guidance.
  • PLUS – All Students Get Access to Hundreds of Practice Questions to help you Prepare for the PMP® Examination conducted by PMI. The practice questions are exactly in the same type and format as what comes in the PMP® examination.

The PMP® designation is recognized worldwide as the standard of the profession attesting to one’s core knowledge and understanding of critical Project Management concepts, principles and techniques. Certification sets Project Management Professionals (PMP®’s) apart from the crowd.

The program is designed with the objective to assist participants understand PMI’s standard for Project Management with the view to prepare the participants to sit the PMP certification exam administered by PMI. We have a proven track record in PMP training with successful completion of 10+ PMP trainings with 100% success rate in locations including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

This course enables participants to:

  • Pass the PMP® exam and become a certified Project Management Professional
  • Be able to use the tools and techniques you learned while studying for the PMP® exam to improve your abilities to learn and to do project management.
  • Learn exactly what to expect on the PMP® exam
  • Identify what your strong and weak areas of knowledge are, so that you can study and master them.
  • How to identify and easily handle all types of questions found on the exam
  • Make the best use of study time to be successful in passing the PMP® exam.

At the end of your structured training, you will be able to:

Understand the latest PMBOK 4th edition and the PM principles covered by the PMP exam objectives. Evaluate your readiness to take the PMP certification exam.

Who should attend?

Experienced Professionals, Team Leaders, Project managers, functional managers who lead projects and project team members aspiring the globally Recognized PMP certification.

Course Outline:

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management

Lesson Plan Outline

Lesson Plan Outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction & PMI Certifications
  • Lesson 2: Project Management Overview, Project Life Cycle & Organization
  • Lesson 3: Initiating Process Group
  • Lesson 4: Planning Process Group
  • Lesson 5: Executing Process Group
  • Lesson 6: Monitoring & Controlling Process Group
  • Lesson 7: losing Process Group / Professionalism & Ethics in Project Management
  • 200+ Questions for practicing PMP Certification Exams

Lesson 1: Introduction

  •  Instructor introduction
  •  Student introductions
  •  Goals and objectives
  •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

Lesson 2: The Project Management Framework

  •  Project Management Overview
  •  What is a Project?
  •  What is Project Management?
  •  Program Management
  •  Project Management Institute (PMI)
  •  Project Management Certifications
  •  The Five Project Management Process Groups
  •  The Nine Knowledge Areas of Project Management
  •  Project Life Cycle & Organization Types
  •  Portfolio Management
  •  The PMO
  •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

Lesson 3: Initiating Process Group

  •  The Project Charter
  •  Purpose of the charter
  •  Creating a project charter
  •  Case Studies
  •  The Stakeholder Register
  •  Stakeholder Management Strategy
  •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

Lesson 4: The Planning Process Group

  •  Integration Management: Developing an Project
  •  Management Plan
    •  Roles and responsibilities in this effort
    •  Why create a project management plan
    •  What’s included in this plan?
  •  The Scope Statement
    •  Purpose of the scope statement
    •  Creating a scope statement
    •  Case Studies
  •  The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  •  Importance of the WBS
  •  Creating a WBS – Work Packages
  •  Time Management / Scheduling
  •  Defining the Activity List
  •  Work Package Decomposition
  •  The Project Activities
  •  Group Exercise: Creating an Activity List
  •  The Network Diagram
  •  Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)
  •  Project Costs
  •  Cost Estimating & Cost Budgeting
  •  Establish a Cost Baseline
  •  Plan Quality 3
  •  Create a Human Resources Plan
  •  The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  •  Create a Communications Management Plan
  •  Dimensions of Communications & Communications Channels
  •  Create a Communications Management Plan
  •  Identify Project Risks and Triggers
  •  The Probability & Impact Matrix
  •  Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis & Quantitative Risk Analysis
  •  Develop a Risk Response Plan
  •  Prepare a Procurement Document
  •  Statement of Work , Evaluation Criteria , RFP, RFQ, IFB
  •  Contract Types – Fixed-Price, Cost-Reimbursable / Cost-Plus, Time and Materials (T&M)
  •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

Lesson 5: Executing Process Group

  •  Direct & Manage Project Execution
  •  Perform Quality Assurance
    •  Quality Audits
  •  Acquire the Project Team
  •  Develop the Project Team
  •  Team Building Exercises
  •  Manage the Project Team
  •  Employee Motivators
  •  Distribute Project Information
  •  Reporting
    •  Manage Stakeholder Expectations
    •  Conduct Procurements
    •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

Lesson 6: Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

  •  Monitor and Control Project Work
  •  Perform Integrated Change Control
  •  Verify Scope Review Deliverables and Work Results
    •  Scope Verification Vs. Quality Control
  •  Control Project Scope Changes
  •  Control the Project Schedule and Project Costs
  •  Updating & Reporting
  •  Report Project Performance
    •  Earned Value Management (EVM)
    •  EV, PV, AC, CV, SV, SPI, CPI, ETC, EAC, TCPI, etc.
    •  Interpretations
    •  Plotting Results / Trend Analysis
    •  Group Exercise: Solve an Earned Value Problem
  •  Project Quality Control
  •  Techniques
  •  Monitor and Control Project Risks
  •  Administer Procurements
  •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

Lesson 7: Closing Process Group & Professionalism / Ethics in Project Management

  •  Close Project or Phase
  •  Obtain Formal Acceptance
  •  The Staffing Management Plan: Releasing Resources
  •  Close Procurements
  •  Close out a Contract
  •  Document Lessons Learned for the project
  •  Professionalism and Ethics
  •  Test Your Knowledge & PMP Certification Exam Topics

How to Apply

We consider each application as soon as we receive it, so we advise you to apply as soon as possible. For more information and payment of fees, please contact on below details.