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Whether you’re looking for storage, computing capacity or online databases, it’s easy to find cloud services that can soothe your IT needs.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

The Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) from Amazon provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud, which is intended to make Web-scale computing easier for developers. Users maintain complete control of their computing resources, and Amazon operates under a “pay as you go” model. It also only takes minutes to obtain and boot new server instances, so it allows for quick scaling as computing requirements change.

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Amazon Simple Storage Service

Simple Storage Service (S3) is an online storage service that offers unlimited data storage space in the cloud. Users are given access to a simple Web services interface that stores and retrieves data from anywhere on the Web.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Elastic MapReduce allows businesses and developers, among others, to process large amounts of data. Using a hosted Hadoop framework running on Amazon EC2 and S3, users can instantly take advantage of as much, or as little, capacity needed to perform data-intensive tasks like data mining and scientific simulation.

Amazon CloudFront

CloudFront integrates with other Amazon’s cloud services to provide an easy way for businesses and developers to distribute data through high-speed transfers. Optimized to work with EC2 and S3, CloudFront delivers static and streaming content using a global network of edge locations.

Amazon SimpleDB

SimpleDB is an optimized non-relational data store that eliminates the need for tedious database administrative work. After items are stored and queried via Web services requests, the service creates and manages multiple replicas of said data automatically to ensure high availability and durability.

Amazon Relational Database Service

The Relational Database Service (RDS) provides scalable relational databases in the cloud through a Web service. Database administrative tasks are managed, and all codes, applications and tools already used with MySQL databases work with Amazon RDS. It can also automatically patch database software and perform regularly scheduled backups.

Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a hosted queue that increases the workflow between distributed components of applications that perform different tasks. SQS allows developers to easily move data without losing messages or requiring each component to always be available.

Simple Notification Service (SNS), while still in its beta stage, is a Web service that helps set up and send notifications from the cloud through a “push” mechanism. Designed to make Web-scale computing easier for developers, SNS can be used in the monitoring of applications and for time-sensitive information updates.

CloudWatch enables monitoring for EC2 and other Amazon cloud services. Users can choose the EC2 instances they want to watch, and CloudWatch will gather and monitor the easily accessible data. Some of the metrics that it provides visibility into include CPU utilization, disk reads and writes and network traffic.

Through a virtual private network, the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) works as a bridge between a user’s existing IT infrastructure and Amazon’s cloud. The result is a safe, secure private cloud service. Still in beta, it currently integrates with only EC2 but will eventually work with other AWS services.

Elastic Load Balancing is a networking service that automatically spreads out incoming application traffic across several available EC2 instances. Customers have the option of enabling it within a single Availability Zone or throughout multiple zones. The service can also detect unhealthy instances and reroute traffic to healthy ones.

Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides Amazon cloud users with off-instance block level storage volumes. They can, however, be attached to running EC2 instances and mounted as devices when necessary. The size of EBS storage volumes can vary from 1 GB to 1 TB.

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